Oasis Falafel: Inexpensive healthy Eats

img_5006Pita, Falafel-balls, veggies, hummus, hot sauce, and it was quick and easy. Plus, it was under 5$. Right across the street from the Bedford ave train station; Oasis is a fantastic pick-up, especially while stumbling home on a drunk night. The falafel balls are fried chickpeas, and they are packed with flavor.

IMG_5001.JPGPshhhh, this spot is a life saver, and it saves me enough left-over money to purchase a beverage. Now that right there is how I define a good deal. Normally I am to cheap to buy a drink because I mostly drink water, but this place allows me to feel guilt free.


MMM, now that is tasty. Fresh veggies for my choosing, the best part is that it’s a healthy alternative to Fast Food. 5$, and you get to leave a happy compadre.


Yea, you can tell I left Oasis a happy camper. I straight devoured that falafel in probably 10 minutes.


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