Bar B: Casual Standing Wine Bar


A Japanese, Italian tapas Wine bar that specializes in fantastic quick cuisine. A glass of a dry white Gavi di Gavi, some fresh potato salad, and a fried shrimp roll goes a long way. Bar B has a quaint beautiful interior with a standing bar; that captures the essence of Japanese Italian.


The roof of the bar is customized and designed with wine corks. A beautiful accent to a Wine bar.

Please tell me if you can spot the clock. Tick Tock


For starters I ordered a White Wine, and a fresh house-made potato salad. This Standing Bar is great for eating and socializing. A perfect place for a first date. A Gavi di Gavi has never let me down when it comes to sipping like a turtle. The saying “slowly but surely wins the race” has worked so well for an occasion like this one.


MMM, what stellar entree. A shrimp roll on a lightly toasted Brioche bun, a light layer of wasabi tartar, and crunchy iceberg lettuce with crispy onions. Cheers!

This was hands down one of my favorite pairings that I have accustomed myself to. A glass of white is a great way to compliment a simple, but tasty meal.


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