Healthy Japanese Cuisine: Sobakoh

This Japanese restaurant captures the true essence of flavorful health food. Soba is buckwheat, and is an essential carb that truly fuels your body.

Kinoko Soba: A soba noodle in a hot broth, prepared with shiitake mushrooms, and scallions. This bowl contains the nutrients I desire to fuel me, and the warmth is perfect for any and every winter day approaching. Time to Stock up.


Of course an Ice cold Sapporo is essential, the draft lines are always cleaned thoroughly. This makes this smooth beer more tempting to drink than a soda. Plus it is healthier than soda, so its a win win, wink…


But if this wasn’t enough, than I suppose I can reveal the behemoth of all meals. The legendary Bento Box, Yummm!

This boxed lunch packs all the balance I need from each of my food groups. I get my root vegetables, my buckwheat and grains, and finally my proteins. Ohh, let me not forget my dessert, Tempura.  SOBA, SOBA, SOBA that is the motto. Shout out to Team Soba.

IMG_4816.JPGBento Box


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