How to Saturday Brunch at: Orlin

Saturday’s wooh! the Week is over, you’re free from kids, school, responsibilities, ehh… okay maybe just free for a few hours. Saturdays are a time to: relax, and go out for a cocktail and bite. But, one problem that arises is: over-crowding and long waits for the good spots. So here is the solution that will save your day, just go sit at the bar.


Anytime I go out for a bite, I skip the lines and grab a bar stool. I get quick immediate service, and I get to watch them make my cocktails, ohhhh… that’s always exciting.


I order myself a Bloody Mary, then proceed to drink and relax. While waiting for the greatest part of my day I tend to eloquently sip my Ice Cold Mary. And, then I patiently wait for the Holy Grail of all brunches to arrive. “Oh my” Just thinking about it makes my mouth water like a dog awaiting his masters orders to chow.

IMG_4968.JPGMiddle Eastern Breakfast

This delectable breakfast consists of: evenly poached eggs, labne cheese lightly seasoned with oil and herbs, arabic salad with a light lemon olive oil dressing, and a pita to top it off.  The smoothest, most well balanced breakfast I could ask for is right here and Orlin never fails to deliver.



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