How to beat the crowds at Williamsburg Smorgasburg


If you love food than you will love the Williamsburg Smorgasburg. Smorgasburg is a food block party bonanza located in East River State Park. They are home to 100 food vendors that range from Japanese cuisine all the way to Berlin cuisine, and they never fail to produce.


They open at 11 AM and close at 6 PM, but heed my warnings; if you are hungry and get there past 3 PM than you are in for some real trouble. This place is known for serving fantastic food, and providing adult refreshments, so everyone is here to mingle and sit and wait on lines because for some reason that is a millenials favorite past time.

IMG_4731.JPGHow to:

If you love food just as much as I do and also hate lines with a fiery burning passion, than this will be a great trick for you. Just show up at 11 AM when it opens, all the vendors will be open and ready to serve you at a lightning pace. Lines do not start forming until Post Noon. So by getting there early you get to avoid lines, eat the freshly prepped product, and since there are no lines they are able to really focus on your order. It’s a win win across the board.


My favorite spot at Smorgasburg is definitely Kotti Fresh Berliner Doner Kebob and I get the Berliner Kebob Sandwich. They have fresh cut veggies right in front of you, and you get to choose what veggies you would like in the sandwich. Plus, with the addition of freshly grilled chicken, feta cheese, and my choice of dressing I leave ecstatic every time. So, moral of the story is if I can have it my way, than I am immediately happy. And, hopefully this little tip can improve your experience.


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