Perfect Sunday Brunch

There is something that is so enchanting about a Sunday, a je ne sais quoi if you will.  I have noticed that every Sunday morning displays the perfect weather for the mood I am in, and this has been a knockdown prediction 9 out of 10 times. It is remarkable, but in order to wreak the benefits of your Sunday you have live it to the fullest. I know it may sound corny, but this is the only way to start your week.


For people who want to exercise but find it hard to do, the perfect start is on a Sunday morning. Yes, even in your half-drunken, and sluggish lethargic state you can force yourself to wake up and get out.

Normally I wake up and head over to my local YMCA for some morning full court basketball. Meet a couple of friends, ball out like Westbrook… alright maybe not like that. Then I get to enjoy the highlight of my Sunday, and ohhhh… let me show you how glorious it is. An ice-cold empty Asahi.


A Sunday Brunch of this magnitude after exercise may be one of the most rewarding pleasures I have experienced. Nothing fulfills my hunger like Japanese fried chicken, and quenches my thirst like an ice-cold beer after a good workout. Because, let’s be honest we all want to counter-act the effects of a great workout by indulging. A Japanese restaurant that takes pride in quality ingredients will always be top on my list.


A fried chicken set: Japanese grain white rice, Eloquent Fried chicken, Miso soup, Side of Hijiki and Shiitake mushrooms, Tofu, Salad of: fresh crunchy baby greens, tomatoes, with ginger dressing, and last but not least a sexy glass of Asahi. The reason I love japanese cuisine is because of balance. You get a little bit of everything from: proteins, to veggies.

Quality over quantity is alright… I guess. But, quality and quantity is pure satisfaction; live for excess.


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